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Apr 3, 2017

Episode 11, where we sail away with Rum & Bones: Second Tide.  RB:ST is a standalone, second edition of Cool Mini Or Not's Rum & Bones, and is a 2-6 player game modelled after the ever popular MOBA style of PC games... but with pirates!  We share our thoughts on it - and we have lots! - and definitely plan on revisiting this title again in a future episode down the road, as it's been a contentious one for us.  Our Music With Board Games segment continues with our suggestions based on what we listened to throughout our pirating affairs..

We're once again joined by Joe, who shares with us his experiences in playing Blood Rage (another CMON game!) and Guillotine (a card game from 1998, all about becoming the best guillotine operator you can be).

We also had the fortune of coming across a copy of Witness, the cooperative deduction game based on the Blake & Mortimer IP.  After a solid 8 plays, we're excited to tell as many people as we can to track down a copy, and pine for it to receive another print run.

  • 0:02:24 - Blood Rage
  • 0:03:53 - Guillotine
  • 0:07:10 - Witness
  • 0:17:46 - Rum & Bones: Second Tide - What's a MOBA?
  • 0:19:29 - Rum & Bones: Second Tide - Rules
  • 0:25:21 - Rum & Bones: Second Tide - What's New?
  • 0:28:12 - Rum & Bones: Second Tide - Theme & Components
  • 0:44:47 - Rum & Bones: Second Tide - Gameplay
  • 1:12:19 - Rum & Bones: Second Tide - Final Thoughts
  • 1:18:19 - Music With Board Games

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